Wine Game Changer – Coravin Technology

Through the Grapevine

Meet the newest addition to Columbia Edgewater’s wine program: Coravin Model Eleven!


For those not familiar with the Coravin system, allow me to give you a run-down. When wine is exposed to oxygen, it starts to degrade and lose its character and complexity. If a bottle of wine has been open too long, it will become flat and flavorless. The Coravin system uses a thin needle to pierce the cork of a bottle and pour wine without exposing the wine inside the bottle to oxygen at all. Once the Coravin is removed, the opening seals back up and the wine still inside the bottle remains unharmed.

The Model Eleven is the first fully-automated version of the Coravin and we are the only restaurant in Portland using it in our wine program!

This system allows us to offer some truly amazing wines by the glass without having to worry about throwing out any wine that has gone stale. Stop by the Grill and check out our rotating Coravin menu the next time you are at the club!

We are currently pouring wines from Penfold’s, Beaulieu Vineyards, and Clos des Papes. Cheers!

– Kevin Klinicke, CECC Hospitality Manager & your friendly, neighborhood wine guy

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