2019 New Golf Rules: What’s The Gist?

I spent a few weekends ago attending a USGA / PGA Workshop on the New Rules of Golf.  I’ve always modestly considered myself to be fairly abreast of the Rules of Golf, learning about bi-annual Rules changes and knowing how to circumnavigate the Rules book to find answers when I don’t know them by heart.

I’ve got some bad news to share – the recent changes to the Rules of Golf are not as user friendly and easy to understand as I would have hoped.  Over 93 “Notable Changes” occurred in the Rules, with another 50 changes to definitions in the Rule Book.  Some are simple and easy to remember; others are not.  The Tours are having numerous infractions occur, and these are from Professionals with full time caddies that ought to know the new Rules.  If you plan to play in some competition this year, I would HIGHLY ADVISE you to attend a Rules Seminar this spring before the season begins.  It will save you strokes on the course and headaches among your peers.

Now for the good news – we are ready to educate you and get you ready for the upcoming season. Our first scheduled Rules Night is Saturday of Masters Week, April 13th, from 4pm to 6pm.  Our Head Professional Adrian Burtner, CECC member and USGA Rules Official Cliff Shahbaz, and myself will put on a complimentary Rules Education night at the club.  RSVP to reservations@cecc.com to reserve your spot.  Free Rules Books will be handed out.  Stay for dinner if you like and join us for replay coverage of the Masters.

From PGA Director of Golf, Bryan Tunstill

Check out our video below that covers some 2019 Rule changes!

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