Don’t Have Time? Play Nine.

The 9 Hole Ladies (Niners) at Columbia Edgewater Country Club (CECC) live by these words.

“If you don’t have the time, just play nine.”

Time is money.

A typical round of 18 holes can be daunting for a newcomer. By cutting the round in half it’s an easier sell and proves to be more inviting.

A study by Sports & Leisure Research Group revealed that 60 percent of golfers believe a nine-hole round is an outstanding way to introduce a non-golfer to the game.

Here at CECC, we have a 9 Hole Mason Par 3 course on property that is excellent for beginners. You can more comfortably develop your game to learn the rules and etiquette with golfers of similar skill levels. The concept of the course is that you play a shot from the yardage you choose, ranging anywhere from 55 to 135 yards depending on the hole.


More Information on the Mason Par 3 Course 

The Women of Columbia (WOC) consist of various golfers of all skill sets and ages and the playing nine mentality has bolstered female involvement. Karen Johnson, who started golfing in 2008, has worked on growing the female presence at CECC and her efforts have paid off.

The Niners group achieved a record high number of participants this year. It all began with a group of 12 women and now there are over 60 ladies that consist of new players, intermediate and advanced golfers. The focus is on fun and camaraderie.

For those that opt to skip the course, there are tons of social events throughout the year to get involved in. Some ladies just join the group for the social aspect! The Niners also coordinate various outings off-site like local dinner gatherings, holiday parties and wine tasting events.

For anyone curious how to get their female peers involved? It all starts with a simple invitation… #InviteHER

Karen Johnson, the Co-Captain of the CECC Niners & Parking Lot Recruiter has mastered that. A personal invitation goes a long way.

More Information on the WOC

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