The Times They Are A Changin’

Private Country Clubs can have a negative stigma attached to their name. Popularly conceived opinions of a stuffy, clique environment, with-old fashioned dress codes that only offer golf to its membership is why we’d like to shed light on what a modern day country club is like.

Private Country Clubs are not what they used to be.

We know golf can be a time consuming sport but there are many ways to minimize the long duration. Our club seriously enforces pace of play in under four hours so say sayonara to the five and six hour rounds.

Not interested in that kind of commitment? Just play nine, six or three holes. Even better, head out for a 30 minute practice session. Still doesn’t strike your fancy? There are other activities that may interest you. Wine dinners, mixology events, cooking classes, swimming and yoga classes are some examples of the changing landscape. In addition, the friends you make and the unique times with your family are invaluable.

While golf may have been the dominant force driving country club membership since the end of World War II, health, fitness and wellness and more inclusive recreation will be the identifying characteristics over the next 20 years.

– Frank Vains,  President of McMahon Group

We hope you follow the Columbia Edgewater Chronicles to catch a glimpse of life at CECC and to better understand the various advantages of being part of this community.

And hey, you may even be encouraged to pick up the game or improve your handicap??

But in the end it’s still a game of golf, and if at the end of the day you can’t shake hands with your opponents and still be friends, then you’ve missed the point.

-Payne Stewart

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